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Our Cloud Billing & Payment Platform Benefits Small Businesses

smartofficeCloud's in-built subscription cloud billing and payment software is meant for subscription businesses of various size and type. Implementing a recurring revenue model can be tricky, but the benefits outweigh the cons. With our help, you can have your recurring revenue model up and running in days and you'll have the added comfort of knowing smartoffiecCloud customer support is there to guide you. With smartofficeCloud subscription cloud billing and payment software, you can:

  • Define various recurring billing periods. Price your service & product offerings correctly.
  • Cancel, Terminate, Upgrade, and Revise subscription billing.
  • Send automatic email invoices to your customers. Manage and charge customer credit cards.
  • Consolidate fixed recurring, one-time or the usage meter based pricing models
  • Provide free trials, and discount coupons
  • All subscription offerings can be published through our "Hosted Store Page" and shall be linked to your website.
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