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Cloud based software (SaaS) for CRM, Invoicing, Service, ERP and Bookkeeping.
One stop shop for all your business software needs!
CRM with Invoicing
CRM that helps connect and provide service to your customers faster, anytime, anywhere. Manage sales leads, provide quotes, sell online through hosted store page, create invoice from quotes, schedule customer appointments, and schedule recurring billing for customers. Integrated with major credit card processors to help collect credit card payments from your customers.
Bookkeeping / Accounting
Accounting is not intimidating. Creation of sales invoice automatically makes an accounting journal double entry that reflects in your financial statements. Financial dashboard helps you manage the vital signs of your business. Your income statements (P&L) can be printed anytime. Sales, Billing, and ERP (Inventory and COGS) are integrated seamlessly with in-built accounting software.
Credit Card Payments


We are dedicated to building the best web and mobile based business software solutions.
Who are our customers?
Our customers are businesses that requires an effective alternative for expensive and complex CRM and ERP solutions (example: Oracle, SAP, salesforce, Zoho). Are you looking for a business platform that enables great service to your customer without compromising the value created? smartofficeCloud ® is designed just for your business. We keep our software simple and basic, we listen to our customers feedback and constantly tailor to their needs.
1000+ companies and their engaged employees!
This all-in-one software is an accountants best dream. smartofficeCloud ® is a complete one-stop solution for any business; features that benefits my company are: contact management, appointment scheduling and notification for clients, invoicing, expense management, and accounting system for easy bookkeeping. The system is easy to use and doesn't require any accounting background to keep your books in order. I recommend this software to any business owner.
                                                                Markwei Boye, CEO, Smart Business Tax Solutions PLLC.
My life has been so much easier since I started using smartofficeCloud ® for bookkeeping, payout and keep track of record label royalties to artists and finally have a store where I can sell tickets for concerts and tours of my artists. Our credit card funds available into our bank account the next business day. I love the freedom of not having to run multiple sites to keep up with our day to day operations and meetings with clients.
                                                                Courtney Benjamin, CEO, C Benjamin Publishing LLC.
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In-built Cloud business platform apps
subscriptionCloud (recurring billing)
  • Define various recurring billing periods. Price your service & product offerings correctly.
  • Cancel, Terminate, Upgrade, and Revise subscription billing.
  • All subscription offerings can be published through our "Hosted Store Page" and shall be linked to your website.
serviceCloud (case & workorder management)
  • Manage customer cases and document resolution.
  • Manage workorder appointments, invoice customers, and notify service personnel.
royaltyCloud (music, books and film)
  • Setup, Activate and Terminate royalty agreements with contributors.
  • Enter Music and Books Sales Orders sold in Apple iTunes, Amazon Kindle, Google Music.
  • Automatically calculate and pay royalties to product contributors based on Sales Orders & Invoices.
  • Download PayPal file to process royalty payments.